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About Our Goats for Sale

Goats listed here are quality animals that we know will make great additions to a breeding herd. We don't sell bucklings unless they index over 100! These are our best bucklings. We cull our goats based on sickness, hooves, health, pregnancy rate/number, tits, scrotum health, and appearance. If they do not make the grade we will not breed them or sell them to you. Culls are sold as meat goats at our local goat sale in Pearson, GA.

If you would like to purchase a goat feel free to go through the PayPal button at the bottom to reserve your KIKO today with a $100 deposit!

More pictures and information including can be found in the photo page for most of the goats listed here. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. We greatly appreciate the chance to sell you a quality Kiko goat so that you can see the Kiko advantage in your herd!

Retainer/Reserve your animal with $100, please use button directly below (paypal charges $3.20 FEE so please add that to make $103.20.

Reserve with no fee by using VENMO. Send to @Matthew-Tanner-4

Triple T Kiko- Kiko Goats for Sale in Georgia

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We have many doelings and bucks/bucklings currently available. All bucks below are 100% NZ Kiko.