Triple T Kiko

Kiko Goats the Tanner Way

Triple T Kiko - History of the Kiko Goat

        The Kiko goat was created fairly recently through an effort by crossing the extensive feral goat population of New Zealand with dairy goats in the 1980's. Kiko actually means "meat" or "flesh". The breed was created to produce goats with high survivalbility, rapid growth, heavy carcass, and minimum maintenance. 

        Practices such as culling any goat with feet problems, excessive worm load, inability to survive on non-fertilized pastures without supplementation, and others have led to an extremely hardy, large goat. These goats we picked from the best of the best from growth rate and hardiness all the way down to superior maternal instincts. Feel free to watch the Youtube video to the right to get a better idea.

        The Tanner family has nearly 30 years of experience in the goat industry. We have raise nubien, spanish, briar goat, boer, and anything in between. We can say without a doubt the kiko breed is the only breed we will raise from this point on. From maternal instincts, to rapid growth, to parasite resistance our Kiko herd is easier, and more pleasurable to maintain. We are excited to bring these high quality animals in to our local area of Pearson Georgia, once known as the "Goat Capital of The World" and is still home to a large goat sell occurring year round every two weeks (every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 1PM).


Video provided by AKGA and for educational purposes only